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'Yes, Lord'

By Marilee Pierce Dunker
Oct 21, 2013
World Vision staff
Right: Marilee Pierce Dunker, daughter of World Vision founder Bob Pierce. Left: Marilee as a child with her parents, Lorraine and Bob Pierce, in 1953.

In 1987, my husband, Bob, and I moved to the San Francisco Bay area. Even though I was a newcomer, I was asked to teach a neighborhood Bible study. I had never taught a weekly Bible study and found the idea totally terrifying, so I said no ... three times.

Our daughters, Michelle and Stacey, were in school and my days were busy with tennis and exercise and all the other things housewives do when the house is clean and the kids aren’t home.  One morning I was having a particularly bad tennis game and in frustration I dropped my racquet all right, I threw my racquet and mumbled, “Lord, what am I doing here?”

His answer was immediate and crystal clear.

“Bible study.”

I can only imagine what my tennis partners thought as I groaned, closed my eyes, and began a private conversation with the Lord right there on the court. It went something like this:

“Lord, You know I never went to Bible college! I love Your Word but I don’t know enough to teach it!”

“Can you tell others what you know about Me?” He replied gently.

Suddenly I realized that God wasn’t asking me to do something I couldn’t do. He was inviting me to do something I loved to do: talk about Jesus.

“Yes, Lord. I can do that.”

The study began with eight women. Four years later, nearly 150 women had participated.

The Lord reminded me of that experience when it was suggested that I do this devotional column. Frankly, I find the idea of throwing my thoughts, stories, and life out on the Internet on a regular basis terrifying!

But if I have learned one thing in my 60 years of walking with Jesus it is that we serve a God who is infinitely equipped and able to do exceeding abundantly beyond all that we ask or think.

My father called it “leaving space for God-room.”

“I have always called the difference between the upmost that a man can do and what God can do ‘God-room. Everything else can be explained away. ... Nothing is a miracle until it begins with God-room.” —Bob Pierce

God Space is my way of sharing what I have l seen and learned over the past 13 years with World Vision, celebrating the miracles that happen when we leave space for God-room.

Marilee serves World Vision, the organization her father, Bob Pierce, founded in 1950. Like him, she travels the world, witnessing and fulfilling God’s mandate to care for the poor. Request Marilee to speak.
Nothing is a miracle until it begins with God-room.
Bob Pierce
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