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World Water Day: Water around the world

By Elizabeth Hendley and Heidi Lenssen
Mar 20, 2013

Water is life. In celebration of World Water Day on March 22, take a tour of World Vision’s water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) projects and beneficiaries around the world.


© 2012 Sopheak Kong/World Vision
Ros Tola, a sponsored child in Ratanak Mondul district, Cambodia, fetches water with her brother, Sila, from a community pond that World Vision restored.
©2011 Jerry Galea/World Vision
In Banan district, Cambodia, the community no longer depends on a nearby river as a water source. Overall health has improved now that clean water is readily available.
©2011 Abby Stalsbroten/World Vision
A 25,000-liter truck brings clean water to empty containers in the parched village of Lopii, Kenya, twice per week. The truck is a temporary intervention by World Vision until a water pipeline is built.
©2013 Narges Ghafary/World Vision
A boy in Zindajan district, Afghanistan, fills his jug with spring water for drinking. WASH programs in his village taught the local population to disinfect their water with chlorine tablets — and to not drink the same water their animals use.
©2011 Le Thiem Xuan/World Vision
World Vision WASH projects in central Vietnam helped Thu and her family develop healthy habits like brushing their teeth and hand washing.
©2012 Wezzie Banda/World Vision
Water is life — for people and for agriculture. Morris Kaphuwa, 35, drains water from an irrigation canal to his maize field in Malawi. He can harvest crops twice a year now, “enough to keep my family [fed] all year round. I also sell extra food and use the money to buy other household needs,” he says.
©2011 Gina Castellanos/World Vision
Escarlet Daniela Álvarez, 6, drinks clean water in her town of Barrancones, Honduras. “I want her to have the opportunities I didn't have. In fact, she has better opportunities than me because she has World Vision's support," explains her mother, Jackeline Paz.
©2012 Mariana Chokaa/World Vision
A borehole well — dug by World Vision — gushes in Makalondi, Niger, providing local communities with access to clean water.
©2012 Nguyen Kim Ngan/World Vision
Students at this primary school in Tien Lu, Vietnam, used to pay U.S. $1.60 per year to buy drinking water at school and cleaned their hands in water from a nearby pond. Now they have fresh water every day at school for drinking and washing their hands.