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Water: Praise and prayer

By Denise C. Koenig
Jan 20, 2015
© Jon Warren/World Vision
Women in Ghana carry buckets of water, gathered at a local water source, back to their village.

PRAISE: We are grateful to you, Lord, for being our Source of living water — the One who satisfies our deepest soul’s desire with the joy of salvation.

PRAY: We ask that you would open people’s eyes to recognize you as the only Source of living water for their parched souls. Let them be refreshed in your love when they enjoy clean water to drink. Amen.


PRAISE: We are grateful to you, Lord Jesus, for all who partner with World Vision in bringing disease-free water to rural communities.

PRAY:  We ask you to send more willing partners until the work is done. We dream of a future in which no child dies of diarrhea, no mother spends hours transporting water, no school lacks proper toilets and sanitation, and no one drinks dirty, unsafe water. Amen.


PRAISE: We are grateful to you, Holy Spirit, for the gifts of patience and fortitude that you give to people in communities preparing themselves for a well.

PRAY: We ask that you move hearts that are discouraged to press on in doing what is necessary to bring water to their community. Bless their training and strengthen their resolve so that they may fully enjoy the benefits of clean water — essentials like education, gardens of fresh produce, and good health. Amen.


PRAISE: We are grateful to you, Heavenly Father, for the technology, tools, and expertise that allow water to be found in communities that have suffered for so long.

PRAY: We ask you to help World Vision and its partners discover more ways to provide clean water at the lowest possible cost. Give experts innovative ideas to make their plans successful and efficient. Amen.


PRAISE: We are grateful to you, God Almighty, for passionate donors who understand and care about the needs of people in developing rural communities worldwide. These gifts enable life-giving water projects that demonstrate your steadfast love.

PRAY: We ask you to ignite passion in many people’s hearts to help bring clean water to those who desperately need it. Remind those of us who have safe water to always give generously and freely to help make this blessing available to others that we often take for granted. Amen.

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...the streams of God are filled with water..."
Psalm 65:9
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