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Somalia: Defying drought

By Elizabeth Hendley
Jan 20, 2015

Severe drought threatens more than 3 million Somalis and their livestock. But in the town of Dangoroyo, this camel herder and his animals — important sources of livelihood for many Somali nomadic families — are staving off food and water shortages.

Key to survival are World Vision’s economic development programs, which benefit the 5,000 residents of Dangoroyo in northeastern Somalia by increasing employment and equipping the community to be more resilient in the face of disaster. From improving roads and building dams to creating water storage facilities and teaching new technical skills, World Vision’s combined efforts ensure Dangoroyo is prepared when drought hits.

The rest of the country isn’t faring as well. Malnutrition rates are up, lack of rain prevented harvests, and surface water sources disappeared. World Vision is operating emergency feeding centers and scaling up other lifesaving programs in affected areas.