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Pray for Vanuatu

By Denise C. Koenig
Mar 16, 2015
©2015 World Vision
A market area for arriving cruise ships in Vanuatu lay decimated by Cylone Pam
©2015 Chloe Morrison/World Vision
Families begin to recover after a monstrous cyclone struck Vanuatu over the weekend.
©2015 World Vision
Ruins in the aftermath of Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu

Cyclone Pam, a Category 5 storm, pounded the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu and parts of the Solomon Islands this weekend. Starting Friday evening local time, the storm brought heavy rain and winds sustained at more than 157 mph with gusts of over 200 mph. The Scripture instructs us to share in the joys and sorrows of others. Today, we weep with the people of Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands, who have suffered great losses as a result of Cyclone Pam.

Suggested prayer points 

Pray for families who are grieving

Initial assessments of Port Vila, Vanuatu, indicate complete devastation of this capital city. World Vision staff fears the worst for outlying island communities, where families live in thatched homes and there were few solid buildings to serve emergency evacuations.

Lord Jesus, we weep with families who were at the mercy of the storm’s wrath and have lost everything to the wind and floods. Comfort the hearts of those who are grieving great personal loss. Let them know Your peace. Help calm children’s spirits, and let them know You are near. Lord, hear our prayer.

Pray that help will reach families quickly

Since Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands together are comprised of more than 150 islands, reefs, and atolls in the South Pacific, getting help to everyone who needs it will be challenging. Many islands are still cut off from normal communications.

Lord, even as emergency shipments are on their way, we ask Your help in reaching those who are in desperate need of aid. Restore communication to far flung places. Guide humanitarian workers to communities that were hardest hit. And let supplies be more than enough to restore the basics of food, clean water, shelter, and household items for families in need. Lord, hear our prayer.

Pray for humanitarian workers in the trenches

In the next few weeks, aid workers will be stretched thin responding to the vast needs of many people on different islands. Agencies like World Vision are already on the ground, but efforts among them must be coordinated so the efficient use of manpower, expertise, resources, and supplies have the maximum benefit.

Father God, we thank You for the many people of goodwill who were already at work to improve lives in Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands. Help aid agencies coordinate their work so no effort is duplicated or resource wasted. Strengthen all humanitarian workers for the long hours of relief and recovery work ahead. Let them not become weary or overburdened. Lord, hear our prayer.

How to help

Support relief and recovery efforts for families affected by Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu.