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Pray for unaccompanied children at US border

By Denise Koenig
Jul 10, 2014
©2012 Heidi Isaza/World Vision
A 3-year-old in El Salvador, where violence and gang warfare forced his father to flee from their home. The child's mother is afraid to go out and can't work because she fears being targeted by the gang members who were after her husband. Violence is forcing thousands of Central American children to flee their homes, overwhelming U.S. borders.

More than 52,000 unaccompanied children — most from Central America — have entered the United States since last October seeking refuge from violence and oppressive poverty in their nations. Heedless to the dangers involved, these unaccompanied minors crossed vast distances with little protection or resources, arriving in the U.S. with just the clothes on their backs and little else.

Join World Vision in praying for children caught in this maelstrom:

Pray that children will be adequately cared for and protected while in the U.S.

Lord, in Your mercy, superintend the care and protection of children who arrived in the U.S. on their own. Allow resources to be released through generous donations for their food, shelter, healthcare, and personal needs.

Pray that gridlock can be overcome to help unaccompanied children.

Lord, sometimes people of goodwill can be blinded by political rhetoric. Cause people on all sides of this crisis to overlook political posturing to see children as worthy of their care. Awaken compassion in people’s hearts to respond to the children’s immediate needs.

Pray that government and aid organizations will find ways to better serve children in need.

Lord, there are many ways to help unaccompanied children in the U.S. Give all levels of government and humanitarian organizations, including World Vision, a spirit of cooperation so that the children may receive the best care each can provide.

Pray a blessing over unaccompanied children.

Lord, children have traveled far from home with faith, hope, and courage. Many have had terrifying and abusive experiences. We ask You to comfort them through the power of Your Holy Spirit and bless them with healing and wholeness. Do not let evil experiences hinder them from the good future You have prepared for them.

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