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Photos: An Easter reflection

Apr 2, 2015

A child's prayer to God on behalf of the hungry in Africa. A World Vision staff member who works on behalf of the abandoned and poor in South America.  Around the world this weekend, many Christians set their hearts on Good Friday and Easter, a season of repentance and restoration.

To reflect on the time of year, here's a collection of photographs of people and places where World Vision is working with children and their communities to build a better life by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.

©2011 Jon Warren/World Vision
One of the world's largest Christ statues looms on a hill overlooking Cochabamba city in Bolivia.
©2013 Laura Reinhardt/World Vision
World Vision's Kids' Camps in Guatemala use faith lessons to teach sponsored children to become leaders so they can help tackle the big issues facing their country, such as violence and poverty. The camps teach children that they deserve to be heard and also to look at their community through the eyes of love. "I was chosen to be here," says Isabel, 13, a sponosred child. "I want to learn and I want to grow so I can tell everyone how to change so we can have a better future for Guatemala."
©2013 Orlando Ducay/World Vision
A child prays at a World Vision Child-Friendly Space in Dagnawan, Sagbayan, Bohol, in the Philippines, for 246 children affected by an earthquake. World Vision sets up Child-Friendly Spaces to provide stability for children in post-disaster or conflict settings. More than 20,000 children affected by Typhoon Haiyan have attended World Vision Child-Friendly Spaces since the storm struck the central Philippines last November.
©2007 Jon Warren/World Vision
Kabira Kapalalo, who belonged to a World Vision-supported HIV/AIDS widow's group in Lume in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in prayer. World Vision has partnered with local churches to educate members on HIV and AIDS prevention and how they can provide loving care for those living with the disease.
©2011 Jon Warren/World Vision
Sunday worship at a Goma Baptist church, Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo.
©2015 Eugene Lee/World Vision
Children at Cotuhuma School in Soracachi, Bolivia receive sample greeting cards from sponsors which contain Bible stories of Jesus' love.
©2009 Laura Reinhardt/World Vision
A cross on the beach in the village of Leone stood as a memorial to a group of elderly women who lost their lives in the tsunami that struck American Samoa in September 2009. The women, part of a seniors group dedicated to preserving Samoan culture, would sit at the beach and weave traditional baskets.
©2013 Wezzie Banda/World Vision
William Mchezima, 4, from Ngodzi, Malawi, offers a prayer on hunger and nutrition: "Dear Lord, I pray that you give me and other children more food to grow well. Continue to provide for us as we learn at Sunday school that you are our provider. Continue to protect our families. Amen."
©2011 Jon Warren/World Vision
Silvana Herrara, a sponsorship coordinator in Bolivia, leads children, who were abandoned, past a small chapel close to the school where they stayed in Colomi.
© 2012 Sopheak Kong/World Vision
Sreylim Ream's life was transformed from anger to forgiveness after coming to know God and with the support of a sponsor. As a young Cambodian girl, Sreylim dreams that "God's ministry will continue to grow in my communities. I will continue to serve God's ministry."
©2011 Jon Warren/World Vision
Staff devotions at the World Vision Kinshasa office in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
2006 Justin Douglass/World Vision
A Mongolian teen raises the cross. From a family of nomadic herders, he was was able to get an education through World Vision.