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'Keep helping more people to have a healthier life'

By Laura Reinhardt
Aug 5, 2013
©2013 Laura Reinhardt/World Vision
Emmanuel Dushimimana, 13, used to get sick from drinking contaminated water.

Emmanuel Dushimimana, 13, collects water twice a day for his family, before and after school. His family is luckier than others in this area because he does have access to water piped into his community.

However, the water is only available intermittently. His family must survive on what they’ve collected. 

If they don’t have enough to see them through to the water’s next availability, they will beg for clean water from neighbors, but that can’t go on for very long because all the neighbors face the same need.

That’s when Emmanuel must get water from the swamp. Emmanuel has gotten sick from drinking contaminated water. “I felt things moving in my stomach, and I was feeling the pain,” he says.

The first time he saw the demonstration of P&G’s water purification packet he felt excited because it was something he could do himself.

When he saw the sediment that collected at the bottom of the water container after the treatment he says, “I look at the things we drink and I wonder [what] it looks like in my stomach.”

He believes that he and his family will be healthier now that he knows how to use P&G’s water filtration packets. He sends his thanks to the donors. “I would like to tell them thank you so much for bringing this water purification product because we are not drinking dirty water because of that. I would like to ask them to keep helping more people to have a healthier life.”