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Cyclone Phailin: Pray for people rebuilding their lives

By Chris Huber
Oct 14, 2013
©2013 Golden Naik/World Vision
In immediate response to the Cyclone Phailin, World Vision is providing food and water in shelters where evacuees were relocated prior to the storm. Child-Friendly Spaces will be part of ongoing relief efforts.

Cyclone Phailin has killed as many as 23 people and displaced thousands since lashing India’s northeastern coast. The strongest storm to hit Odisha and Andhra Pradesh states in 14 years dumped heavy rains and toppled trees and power poles with 140 mph winds Oct. 12-13.   

World Vision works with nine communities the storm-affected areas, including more than 20,000 sponsored children.

Please lift up families struggling to recover from this devastating storm. In addition, pray for emergency aid efforts as government agencies and relief organizations respond to the extensive damage. 

Suggested Prayer Points

Pray for families who lost homes.

In one affected district, initial assessments showed about 235,000 mud-and-thatch homes along the coast are destroyed.

Lord, protect vulnerable families who lost their homes in the storm. Protect them, especially the children, from treacherous waters and health risks that remain after the storm. Give them patience as they seek resources to rebuild.    

Pray for those who lost livelihoods.

Eight inches of rain decimated crops that were ready for harvest. Seawater flooded many farmers’ land, making it unusable. Businesses and schools also were damaged or destroyed.

Lord, we know You made work for our benefit. Comfort those out of work, and those who desperately need help providing for their family. Empower them through new opportunities or skills training as a means to recover and thrive.

Pray for sponsored children and their families.

The storm affected about 20,000 children sponsored through World Vision in nine development program areas. The organization provides relief kits, which include bed nets for mosquito protection, sheets, tarps, clothing, and cooking and eating utensils. 

Jesus, in Matthew 6:25-27, You tell us not to worry about where our food or clothes come from. Bring help through government and aid workers to those most in need. Assure distressed families You care more for them than even the birds and flowers.

Pray for first responders and government and humanitarian relief workers.

Government agencies evacuated as many as a million people ahead of the storm’s landfall, likely averting greater catastrophe and loss of life. Now the work begins to fully assess the damage and provide assistance. Pray for responders, who work long hours in difficult conditions to help those in need.  

Father, may first responders and relief workers seek Your help in the days to come. Equip them with the energy they need to deliver supplies and comfort those who have suffered loss.

How to help

In addition to praying for those recovering from Phailin's wake of destruction, donate now to help World Vision provide relief to children and families in India.

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