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‘Answer their cries for help’: Pray for children in difficult places

By Chris Huber
May 15, 2014
© 2014 Bruno Col/World Vision
Young girls sit on their belongings at Notre Dame Fatima, a camp for internally displaced people in Bangui, Central African Republic. Months of violence there has killed thousands and displaced almost 1 million people.

Children around the world face grief and hardship today. Pray with us for children who are caught in the most difficult of circumstances.

Central African Republic

SITUATION: Children — just under half the nation’s 4.6 million people — face some of the world’s worst living conditions. Months of sectarian violence has killed thousands and displaced nearly 1 million people. Children are vulnerable to malnutrition, disease, loss of education, physical and sexual abuse, and recruitment to serve in militias.

PRAYER: Lord, we echo the psalmist’s confidence, “For he will deliver the needy who cry out, the afflicted who have no one to help” (Psalm 72:12). Thank you for seeing the needs of precious boys and girls who are suffering deprivation and danger. Hear and answer their cries for help.

South Sudan

SITUATION: Even before the latest conflict forced more than a million South Sudanese from their homes, children’s lives were in danger. Thousands of displaced families cannot make it home to plant crops as the rainy season begins, putting as many as 800,000 children at high risk of food insecurity. U.N. and humanitarian groups are rushing to provide food, vaccinations, and household resources in compounds. Those who fled to the bush face uncertain conditions.

PRAYER: Lord, we lift South Sudanese children who lack food and healthcare to You. We ask that You would help their parents find food for them. Let aid distributions reach those children who need it the most. In Your mercy, provide children with what they need to survive.


SITUATION: Conflict within Syria has displaced more than 6.5 million people in the country and caused more than 2.7 million refugees to seek safety in Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, and elsewhere. Many Syrian school-aged children are not able to attend classes because they’ve left their communities or because their schools are damaged or occupied by displaced families. Child refugees find it difficult to enroll and participate in classes that are not in their native language.

PRAYER: Lord, You know that children whose educations are disrupted often have a hard time catching up. This threatens their future prospects to have a career and care for a family. We ask You to help children who are missing classes today to resume their studies soon and with ease. And give teachers the training to help these students regain what they may have lost. Lord, we trust in You.


SITUATION: Typhoon Haiyan, one of the most powerful storms on record to make landfall, killed more than 6,000 people in the central Philippines and affected millions more, including about 40,000 children sponsored through World Vision. More than 142,630 homeless families have received aid through World Vision’s work. But as parents are rebuilding, child well-being is still a main concern.

PRAYER: Lord, we count it a blessing that most sponsored children are recovering. But we grieve with communities struggling to bounce back and ask You to give families the strength and perseverance while they try to rebuild homes and livelihoods. Speed the restoration of community life so that children feel secure.

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