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Spring 2015

A Hurting World
©2015 Jon Warren/World Vision

Can you imagine

having no choice but to drink water from a pond where an animal just died? In the cover feature, “Stored There By God,” read about this real dilemma for families in Bulanda village, Zambia—just one example among millions of no-win scenarios for those without clean water in the developing world. It might make you queasy, but the rest of the story gets better. Kari Costanza details World Vision’s efforts to bring clean water to rural Zambia, including Bulanda (hint: read all the way to the end!).

Also in this issue, take a look back at two decades of World Vision’s water work in West Africa, which attracted committed partners like Dave and Dana Dornsife. And don’t miss our guide to help you praise and pray for what God is doing in thirsty communities. This content is designed to engage your mind, heart, and spirit!
©2009 Jon Warren/World Vision

Max Lucado: Wild about water

A visit to Ethiopia inspired popular pastor and author Max Lucado to become an advocate for bringing clean water to thirsty communities in Africa.
  • Somalia: Defying drought

    Severe drought threatens millions in the Horn of Africa, but World Vision's programs are making communities more resilient to disaster.
  • Max Lucado's Ethiopia water challenge | World Vision magazine

    Max Lucado's water challenge

    Max Lucado has partnered with World Vision to help bring water to thirsty communities in Ethiopia.
Puzzle of Poverty | World Vision
© World Vision

The puzzle of poverty

Fullness of life can only be achieved with a full solution to the puzzle of poverty.

Afghanistan: Splish splash

World Vision's water work produces big grins for children in Afghanistan.