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God Space

[ God Space ]
By Marilee Pierce Dunker

About God SpaceGod is infinitely equipped and able to abundantly exceed anything we can ask or think. For more than 60 years that truth has been foundational for Marilee Pierce Dunker’s walk with Jesus. Today Marilee travels the world as an ambassador for World Vision, the organization her father, Bob Pierce, founded in 1950. Like he did, she shares stories, pictures, and personal reflections, bearing witness to the extraordinary ways God is using his people to share the gospel and care for the poor.  As has always been true, those who dare to change the world in Jesus’ name hit their human limits – but God promises to make the seemingly impossible possible. This devotional celebrates what happens in us and through us when we leave room for God Space. Request Marilee to speak.

God Space: A time to speak

Marilee shares her last part of her trip to Malaysia.

From the streets to the sky: Sponsorship comes full circle in Malaysia

GOD SPACE: Marilee gets an unexpected surprise while traveling with World Vision's Blue Sky Choir.

As happy as a barren woman

GOD SPACE: One of Marilee's sponsored children writes her a New Year's greeting she'll never forget.

How to keep a New Year’s resolution

GOD SPACE: In a radio message from 1958, World Vision founder Bob Pierce gives advice on making — and keeping — a New Year's resolution.
  • O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree

    GOD SPACE: In an excerpt from a 1959 radio broadcast, World Vision founder gives new meaning to an old tradition.
  • A Christmas gift for Jesus

    GOD SPACE: In a Christmas message from 1958, World Vision founder Bob Pierce encourages Christians to give their most precious gifts to God.
  • Taiwan: The little seeds that grew

    GOD SPACE: On her trip to Taiwan, Marilee seeds the fruit of seeds her father helped to plant decades ago.
  • Taiwan: 40 years later, a reunion of love

    GOD SPACE: Decades after she first visited Taiwan with her father, Marilee visits the former leper colony, church, and clinic he helped to build — and reunites with men and women impacted by Bob Pierce's work.
  • An army that marches on its knees

    GOD SPACE: Marilee shares an inspiring prayer from World Vision's annual Day of Prayer.
  • What is World Vision?

    GOD SPACE: On World Vision's 64th anniversary, Marilee Pierce Dunker remembers the faithful supporters who have made World Vision the organization it is today.
  • Look to the side of the road

    GOD SPACE: While visiting with street children in Cambodia, Marilee sees an unforgettable face.
  • Out of the ashes

    GOD SPACE: On a visit to Myanmar, Marilee meets a remarkable young woman who survived the horror of human trafficking.
  • Some people shine

    GOD SPACE: In Romania, Marilee meets a teenager on his way to following big dreams.
  • A whisper and a voice

    GOD SPACE: World Vision empowers communities to dream big and find their own voices.
  • A mother's prayer for Syria's children

    GOD SPACE: A simple prayer prompts a thoughtful reflection about the mothers and children made homeless by war in Syria.
  • Drop in for hope

    GOD SPACE: Marilee finds hope at a World Vision drop-in center for street children in Yangon, Myanmar.
  • I’m still that little girl

    GOD SPACE: Touched by stories of Syrian refugees and vulnerable children in Bangladesh, Marilee recalls hearing similar stories 50 years ago.
  • Joy chose me

    GOD SPACE: On a visit to Uganda, Marliee is reminded that God continually breathes fresh meaning into His Word.
  • Divine matchmaking

    GOD SPACE: Child sponsorship is far from a random act of charity.
  • This little light of mine

    GOD SPACE: More than 60 years after her father first traveled to China, Marilee discovers his legacy is still alive.
  • 'Yes, Lord'

    GOD SPACE: In her first piece for the new devotional column, Marilee Pierce Dunker explains how and why she chose the name "God Space."
  • Postcards from Ethiopia: An extraordinary woman

    Marilee reports from the field about a woman who took a dry piece of land and transformed it into lush, fruitful fields.
  • Standing on the promises of God

    GOD SPACE: God's promises, found throughout Scripture, are the unshakable rock upon which we build our foundation.
  • Finishing well

    GOD SPACE: When we are tempted to leave "songs" incomplete, God reminds us that finishing matters more than how we start.
  • Strangers bearing gifts

    Bob Pierce's daughter Marilee Pierce Dunker on God’s plan and provision for the children we serve.